PWIW -aka- Pay What It’s Worth

At Theory Why Consulting, I do not charge for services in the traditional sense. Instead, I ask that you pay whatever my services are worth based on what I did for you and your organization - whether that’s zero dollars, seven figures, or anywhere in between. Here is an article with more insight into why I use this unorthodox payment structure.

It all comes down to the fact that I trust my ability to provide value to you and I trust you will compensate me fairly in return.

All that being said, it is quite common for someone to prefer a more traditional contractual agreement and payment - which is perfectly fine. If you'd like things more typical and straightforward, I will happily work you on those terms.


In a constant effort to make consulting more accessible, affordable, and easy, I utilize Patreon as one more option for you to get the help you need at a price that is comfortable for you. This is often used for those who want my full services on retainer, want to work with me for a few months without worrying about constant invoices, or want to donate a small amount to go towards helping organizations that otherwise could not afford the help.

How To Determine "Worth"?

​If you aren’t sure how to figure out what our services were worth to you or what to pay, here are some important factors to consider:​

What would you expect to pay other consultants on an hourly rate/project base for the same type of work we did for you?

This can serve as a baseline if you aren’t sure where to start.

How much can your organization personally and reasonably afford?

We don’t expect a non-profit and a Fortune 100 company to pay the same amount for the same service. We do this work to help whoever we can, regardless of how big or small their budget is.

How effective/beneficial were the services provided?

What financial, cultural, or other impact did we make in your organization while working together? Exceptional results may warrant more compensation, while lackluster results should understandably mean less.

What was it like working with me?

We strive to be courteous, understanding, and easy to work with, and we want our processes to be simple and hassle-free. Did we successfully do that or was there somewhere we could have improved?

Your generosity is paid forward.

We will help any company who needs and wants it, even if they can’t afford it on their own, such as startups and non-profits. When some companies pay a little extra, it helps keep us afloat while we are helping the companies who don’t have as much.

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