To Quit Or Not To Quit?

Photo by Claudia on Unsplash


I see posts like this constantly on LinkedIn and they always resonate with me. Alas, they also enrage me. I know I need to quit my job right now. I know my manager is terrible. I know I am not valued. I know it is stagnant and I have no room for growth.

I am certainly not alone in looking at said lists and immediately thinking about the company that ravaged my mental health. Many of us read these posts while still working at said job, browsing LinkedIn while on the clock in a desperate search for hope. Unfortunately, leaving a job is rarely that easy and quitting is simply not an option for many people. Even worse, those who are the worst off typically have the least opportunities when it comes to leaving a bad job to find something better. Thus, I propose alternative questions that take these other factors into consideration:


  1. You will lose your healthcare (especially for those in the US)

  2. You are not financially stable enough to support yourself and your family while you find a new job

  3. Your workplace hasn’t given you any opportunities to help your resume look attractive enough to recruiters

  4. You aren’t able to find, apply to, and interview for a job without your retaliation-happy manager finding out

  5. Your workplace has broken you down so much that you are no longer confident in your personal worth or your ability to start something new

It is incredibly important that we help people escape toxic workplaces but it is rarely as easy as "quit right now", no matter how necessary it may be to leave. I have not only been there; I have spent years in that position. Sadly, leaving without the necessary resources meant that I traded the daily stresses of working in a toxic environment with the daily stresses of figuring out how to pay the bills and keep my healthcare.

If you're struggling at your work, know you aren't alone, and know that your reasons for staying despite all the troubles are understandable. You aren’t crazy. You aren’t stupid. You don’t deserve what’s happening. You are struggling and it’s screwed up that you even have to decide between your happiness and your livelihood.

If you want out of your job but don’t know how, please reach out to me. I don’t know you or your situation, but I will help you however I can. I’ll listen to your woes if you need to vent. I’ll connect you with people/places I know of that you might be a good fit for. I’ll reach out to my network to share your resume or ask if anyone can help you with something specific.

You deserve happiness and security. You aren’t alone. Please don’t give up.