Who I Am

My name is Paul Walker. My journey began when I  helped a Fortune 500 company implement a self-managed, self-organized structure. That was when I learned the difference between simply implementing a change and actually achieving the goal of a change in an effective, sustainable way.

Now, I share what I know at every opportunity to help the world’s organizations create better workplaces with a focus of employee experience and more effective change management.

Why "Theory Why"?

1) In his 1960 book, 'The Human Side of Enterprise’, social psychologist and author Douglas McGregor described a concept he called, “Theory Y”. In short, he suggested that people inherently want to work hard, accomplish great things, and take ownership of their work. However, people need the correct environment and proper leadership for this to be brought out; one of freedom and trust rather than judgment and micromanagement. I believe in this one hundred percent and approach all situations from the perspective of assuming positive intent from all parties.

2) “Y” = “Why”. While it may seem basic, “Why?” is the most important question you can ask, and one I ask often. This simple inquiry helps shed light on practices, processes, and traditions that may no longer be serving a useful purpose for your organization - or worse, causing more harm than good. By getting to the root of why people do what they do, you can quickly figure out where problems stem from and fix them directly at the source.

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